Louella is an actor with Agency 888, and a coach for several courses with the agency. She teaches the American Accent course at the Brisbane and Gold Coast offices, and the Career Centre One course at the Gold Coast office. Louella has her students workshop a variety of scripts, and do cold reads and ​improvisation exercises. She conducts mock auditions in front of a camera and films final prepared monologues and duologues.

“​I love working in entertainment because it’s always about growth. Whether I’m growing as a performer, or helping my students grow their skills, it always brings me joy. Not only that, but to be able to affect an audience with your work; to make them think or feel something they didn’t know they could think or feel is such an amazing and beautiful power. Working in entertainment also lets your world be a little more fantastic, and little more exciting as you live all these new experiences every day.”

With a bachelor’s degree in Drama from QUT and many years of stage experience, Louella is living the life and pursuing the dream.

“​My hopes for the future are to see myself up on that big silver screen! Or on a grand stage somewhere, and to have people I know and respect as creatives up there with me. I would love for the Australian Film and TV industry to grow, and I’m doing all I can to be a part of that.”